Merseyside Music Development Agency

Supporting the music business on merseyside

The MMDA has been in existence since February 1998 and in that time has led the field in business support for music related businesses.

In July 1998 the MMDA was the first of its kind to receive ERDF funding

The MMDA was also the first of its kind to be invited to launch at the House of Commons.

We support special projects, which are important to the music industry. These include support for music businesses wanting to export music product from Merseyside to the rest of the world.

We support better communication between music businesses as well as the music industry and public organisations like local government. We do this through consultation forums, direct mail, regular newsletters, our web site and putting suppliers directly in touch with consumers.

We have grant funded projects that create jobs and bring in private/public sector investment.

Although we would like to do so, we are not currently permitted by our funders to grant fund musicians or performers although we do reach them through projects that support their managers and labels.


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